Our church was flooded on June 23, 2016. We have had a couple feet of water in the basement a few times but never in the sanctuary until this time. The previous record flood level for Clendenin was 32 ft and that was set in 1888. This time the water was at 33.3 feet, flood level is 20 ft. The water was around the pulpit this time, not just in the basement. Our fellowship hall had water 80-1/2" deep. We've lost everything in the fellowship hall and in the church except a few items in the balcony. God is good, God provides. Please keep us in your prayers. 


With lots of help from volunteers and from our own members the fellowship hall has been remodeled and we are temporarily holding all services there. New furnaces are being installed in the church and we will soon have air moving in the building. Some Sunday School classes will be held in the upstairs rooms. Thanks for your help with labor, finances and especially your prayers.